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More than a cocktail bar, more than a made-to-measure cocktail, it's a whole artistic process that we want to convey through our choice of glassware, musical ambience and decoration!

Bar Cocktail Monptellier

Enjoy exquisite cocktails at the Hôtel Le Belaroia bar in Montpellier

Come and enjoy an experience of delight and refinement at the cocktail bar of the Hôtel Le Belaroia, located in the heart of Montpellier. Our bar is the ideal place to relax and meet up with friends or colleagues in an elegant, convivial atmosphere. Our team of talented mixologists offers you a menu of creative and innovative cocktails, prepared with care and passion.

Whether you're a fan of revisited classics or in search of new discoveries, our cocktails will awaken your taste buds with unique flavors and artistic presentations. Take advantage of our selection of quality spirits and let yourself be seduced by our surprising creations.

Que ce soit pour un apéritif avant un dîner, une soirée entre amis ou une rencontre professionnelle, le bar cocktail de l’Hôtel Le Belaroïa vous promet des instants de plaisir et de convivialité inoubliables.

Cocktail bar in Montpellier

Nectar Cocktail Club

From 6pm, Belaroïa dims its lights and brings out its finest playlist to welcome you.

Club in Montpellier

Signed Nectar

The menu created for the Nectar Cocktail Club features exclusive drinks. Alcohols used, blends and flowers, nothing has been left to chance. Each spirit has been precisely selected for its aroma and taste balance. Our kitchen garden on the 7th floor of the Belaroïa allows us to offer you flowers and aromatic herbs made in Nectar to enhance your drink.

BELA BRUNCH every Sunday morning from 11:30am to 2:00pm.

A wide choice of tasty, gourmet products: pastries, drinks, sweet and savory delights, hot dishes, desserts, granola bowls...


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Dégustation de vins et initiation à l’œnologie

Ce jeudi 18 juillet au Belaroïa – 19h à 21h. À la découverte du Terroir du Pic Saint-Loup.

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